Bio: Jackie Miller, President and COO

Moving the needle with a strong work ethic and a healthy sense of humor

Some things don’t come easy for Jackie. She tried singing: turns out she’s tone deaf. She tried sports: never left the bench. See a pattern developing? Through it all, she persevered by working as hard as possible. She knows perfection is unattainable, but her unwavering care, drive, and determination speak volumes about her unwillingness to accept anything but the best.

Still, don’t ask her to sing or run sprints.

Throughout her agency career, from Ervin and Smith to Mediacom Interaction to Bailey Lauerman, she has worked hard to develop her management, strategy and advertising skills. Working on big brands such as Warner Home Video, Subway, Lifetime, Cargill, OfficeMax, Everbank, Suze Orman, TD Ameritrade and Cessna, she honed her strategic mind, making sure all aspects of every project tie together for cohesive and timely results. As a translator, she is fluent in both “tech speak” and English. She has moved the needle with a strong work ethic and a healthy sense of humor.

She absorbed much from her class work at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, where she received a Bachelor of Communication, Fine Arts & Media in Journalism. Her time management skills began early, with a double major in Advertising and Public Relations and a minor in Marketing, all while maintaining a full-time job. She is certain her collegiate and professional experience have prepared her for a presidency at 42, allowing her to build upon the foundation of success she has already started. “Jackie-of-all-Trades” is a valuable asset to 42, pushing us ever closer to excellence and innovation. Call her optimistic, but if you were to give her the opportunity to work with you and your team, we believe you would immediately fall in love with her talents, skills, and personality.


Don Normington

That's my girl!