Bio: Will Buller, Creative Director, Design

Forever curious

Will Buller studied advertising at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, focusing on English and Design. Originally from California, Buller has also worked with Third Way Media in Virginia, producing award-winning documentaries as an editor and videographer.

On paper, his job at 42 is to provide initial concepts and direction to his team and serve as a liaison between design and production. His actual job is to remain forever curious, forever impressed with the complexities of the universe.

“My job is to retain my imagination,” Buller said, “and never forget to ask ‘why?’”

Buller has had a huge hand in the launch of the agency side of 42. He helped develop the logo and oversaw the design of the new He isn’t afraid to dive into any project, and his documentary background ensures that even the smallest of projects will have a story behind them.

“I was raised to believe the minor differences in people are a beautiful thing and should never be overlooked,” Buller says of his approach.

Buller says he thinks the difference in backgrounds and experiences that each member brings to the team should be heard and appreciated.

“I don’t believe a creative director should ever be a monarch to his or her team.”