The Easy Way to Success – was it worth it?

Our President and COO Jackie Miller is featured in YFS Magazine today with an article she wrote about taking the easy way in to success. Jackie wouldn’t be where she is today without working her butt off, first in high school at a DECA competition, to working in Hollywood and now for 42.

There is no secret, no class to take, no degree and no easy way to just get there. The sense of easy answers and handouts is a myth. This myth is becoming an epidemic among young people and adults alike. In our industry of digital marketing, where applications programmed out of garages and overnight web celebrity are rampant, how do we explain the true value of earning it, let alone working hard for your goals? This sense of entitlement is causing a plague and strain on fresh new ideas and future problem solvers, and robs them of the true meaning of success.

YFS (Young, Fabulous and Self-Employed) burst onto the scene this year and has become a go-to source for young entrepreneurs and future business leaders.