“Startup Weekend” comes to Lincoln, and our 42 CEO will coach

Startup Weekend, a worldwide entrepreneur and developer get together, will be held in Lincoln, Neb.

42′s Founder and CEO Christopher Kingsley will be a coach in the Lincoln installment of “Startup Weekend,” a 3-day conference that will bring together young entrepreneurs in Lincoln, Neb.

“I wanted to help out as a mentor at Startup Weekend because I remember how important early conversations, interactions and revelations exchanged with mentors profoundly affected our path,” Kingsley said.

Startup Weekend is a worldwide movement that gathers young entrepreneurs together in multiple cities. The idea is simple: teams of designers, developers and product managers band together and form a startup in 54 hours. Along the way, teams work with local startup business managers as coaches and also hear keynote speakers.

Participants will be able to pitch their ideas to peers as well as meet with mentors and coaches. The event will include the techicncal side of start ups as well as valuable business tips and topics.

“This community is filled with so many veteran minds waiting to engage each other and the next generation as we push Lincoln, Nebraska, and the world forward,” Kingsley said. “Our startup community is deeply invested in each other as we all try to make our way through the new frontiers and possibilities available to entrepreneurs and those that surround them.”

Events start on Friday, Sept. 7th. For all the details, click on the “schedule” tabĀ here.

For more information on Startup Weekend, click here. To register, click here.



Why he s passionate about SW The real value of Startup Weekend is that you are cotencning with other like-minded people and end up meeting new friends business partners or becoming the founder of a startup. Personally Startup Weekend has influenced me so much that I have made life-altering decisions to follow my passion for startups which led me to found my first startup and become very proactive in my startup community.

Christopher Kingsley

This was an awesome event btw. Met some passionate entrepreneurs with some great ideas and had some encouraging discussions with remarkably fast and well assembled teams. Congrats to all the people who made Startup Weekend such a success and I know your work will pay dividends in the community for years to come. Looking forward to helping out next year.